Florin I. Niculescu MD Ph.D FACR

Teodora M. Niculescu MD Ph.D FACR

Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Rheumatology

This is a modern medical practice focused on the treatment of the rheumatologic conditions. The Rheumatology is that part of medicine which study the pathologic conditions or illnesses of the musculoskeletal system of humans.

In the offices of our medical practice we are focused on the diagnosis and treatment of different forms of arthritis, autoimmune inflammatory conditions and metabolic conditions like gout or osteoporosis.

“ARTHRITIS” is a general term used to name overall the diseases occurring in the joints, the organs which connect large, medium or small bones together and which are in part responsible for the good mobility of the body. Any type of arthritic condition interfere with the normal mobility of the body and it is most frequently associated to different degrees of joint pain.

“The autoimmune inflammatory” diseases appear when the immune system which protects our body from infections, start being overactive and induces damage in our own organs starting with the joints, skin, kidney, liver or lung.

To diagnose quickly and accurately these conditions is the major goal in the organ protection from the immune system damage and preservation of the body health.

When you will go over the content of our web site you will be able to see images with our location, the medical personnel and aspects of the different activities of our Practice. Our medical mission, more informative articles about the conditions diagnosed and treated in our office and the driving directions to our office are presented as well.

An important section of our web site is addressed to the new patients coming in our office which are asked to fill in the necessary personal information then to print the paper work and bring it with them at their first visit.

An extensive HIPA protection and HIPA regulations are also attached to this section of the web site to assure the new patients that their personal information are appropriately protected according to the current laws.